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Blue equals Purple and Purple equals Hot Pink

16 November, 2009

I made a new batch yesterday with my new colourants. It was a simple cinamon batch with 2 layers blue and purple (or at least that was my intention). The purple shown up really well when i mix the colour in while the blue looked abit greyish. I thought may be when its dry, it will turn back to the colour it supposes to be. This morning, i woke up to see that the purple layer on top look pinkish. And when i took the batch out of the mould, the beautiful blue i hoped for was purple and my purple did really become bright pink. I don’t know how that happened. May be i need to add less pigments in?

Anyway, may be the batch wasn’t anything like i expected, it actually looks reaaally nice … and smells heavenly, too.

Ah, i used the hand mixer for the 1st time yesterday. And the mixture traced in 5 mins. I went frantic trying to put all the additives in. I was sooo use to my soap taking 45mins to trace lol.

Pictures to come soon

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