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A very inspirational email and a lovely text

14 April, 2010

Things like this are what keep me going, doesn’t matter if I don’t earn good money, doesn’t matter if alot of people don’t know about my products (yet).  Thank you so much to all of you out there who give me so much encouragement and support. xxx

– The email:

hi there

I got to know your products on Her World magazine. Very cool. I love the idea. Pls let me know where I could shop your soaps.

Keep pursuing your passions. You have the gut that many of us don’t have. You are right, corporate ladder and rat race is terrible, once you get into it, you lose a lot things meaningful for your life.

I am 36, 15 years in working around MNCs but never really find myself happy with what I am doing though I could earn good income. Many times I tempted to quit and do something of my own, to find who I really am… but I dont have enough gut to start…

I wish you to become another Anita Roddick for Viet nam.
Keep it up!

– The text:

Chi oi, e ham mo soap cua chi wa, ve nha de trong phong ma thom ngao ngat nhu la dot tinh dau i’, e thich me =P~ chi con loai nao nua khong a?”

This is the girl that had purchased 4 products at the same time and the next day she texted me asking if I had more to sell 🙂

Thank you, again. Can’t say enough how grateful and happy I am.

With (alot of) love,


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  1. Zim permalink
    14 April, 2010 10:00 pm

    You’re deserved those praises girl! I’ve forseen that you would become an Anita :D. Your soaps are like because you put so much effort and inspiration in every of your products. Good luck girl!

    • dipblucee permalink*
      14 April, 2010 11:11 pm

      Chị ơi, cám ơn chị nhiều ạ 🙂

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